Reach Out to Families:

Parent-Teacher Conversations About Learning

Holding a structured grade-level or classroom conversation between teachers and parents is a powerful way to form a partnership to improve student learning. It can be done in an hour. The goal of the conversation is to discuss how parents and teachers can work together to help children develop crucial academic skills. Follow up with positive communications and another conversation later in the year to check on progress and revise the goals and plan.

A conversation can take place as part of activities the school is already doing. For example, a back-to-school night can be restructured so that parents meet with teachers in the classroom. Other possibilities include literacy night, parent workshops, open house, parent-teacher conferences, PTA nights, or during a professional development day.

Watch the Videos Below for the 7 steps in
Learning Conversation

Parent-Teacher Conversations About Learning

For further support on holding Parent-Teacher conversations, download this helpful discussion outline.

Step 01: Icebreaker/welcome

Step 02:Share data on key skills

Step 03: Model a teaching strategy that addresses this learning goal

Step 04: Practice this activity at tables

Step 05: Ask parents which strategies they would like to use at home

Step 06: Ask parents: “How can I help you and your child accomplish this goal and make growth?”

Step 07: Closure