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Schools are working hard to increase student achievement – but without parents on board, schools are much less likely to see learning improve. We want to do better! Forging family-school partnerships focused on student success will move us ahead quickly.

Here are some resources for reading and support. Contact us with any questions and to find out more on how to get your school or community participating!

Download ALL support documents (ZIP file)
Download Tool #1: Let’s Renew Our Title I Compact – (PowerPoint file)
Download Tool #1-A: Ten Steps for Developing School-Parent Compacts (PDF)
Download Tool #2 & 2-A: Compact Project Leader & Parent Surveys (PDF)
Download Tool #3: Align the Compact with your School Improvement Plan (PDF)
Download Tool #4: Grade-Level Input: Capturing Good Ideas (PDF)
Download Tool #5: Outreach to Families (PDF)
Download Tool #6: Getting Input from Students (PDF)
Download Tool #7 & 7A-D: Pull It All Together (ZIP file)

Download Tool #8: Align Resources with the Compact (PDF)
Download Tool #9: Market Your Compact (PDF)
Download Tool #10: Review, Revise and Celebrate (PDF)

Supplemental Articles

Making the Most of School-Family Compacts

by Anne T. Henderson, Judy Carson, Patti Avallone, and Melissa Whipple
Published in Educational Leadership, May 2011, volume 68, pages 48-53.

Linking the School-Parent Compact to School Improvement Goals

Lead author Anne T. Henderson for the National Education Association Priority Schools Campaign, 2011
Published in Family-School-Community Partnerships 2.0: Collaborative Strategies to Advance Student Learning

Webinar for the US Department of Education

Patti Avallone and Judy Carson were on a webinar for the US Department of Education describing the School Parent Compact Program.