Step 2: Designate a Leader to Build a Team

Who is Best Suited?

Pick the best person for your school: principal, assistant principal, literacy and math coaches, teacher leader, home-school coordinator, or other person with leadership skills.

Additional Resources: These tools are designed to give you additional information and guidance. Download them using the button on the right.

Tool #2: Tips for the Compact Project Leader – Five sets of tips, one for each major task: recruiting a team, developing a timeline, coordinating resources, assessing families’ interests and strengths, and documenting your work.

Tool #2A: Parent Surveys – Two surveys: A Family Welcome Questionnaire to help you learn more about students’ families, and a Parent Review to guide a discussion with parents about their child’s specific interests and abilities.

Need Supplemental Material?

For further reading and support on this step, download Tool #2 and #2-A.