Step 7: Pull It All Together

Finalize Your Plan

Create an attractive, family-friendly compact document that captures everyone’s input, then design a “roll out plan” for introducing the compact to families.

Additional Resources: These tools are designed to give you additional information and guidance. Download them using the button on the right.

Tool #7A: Timeline – A graph that suggests when to start and finish each step to success across the school year.

Tool #7B: Compact Template – A suggested format for your school’s compact that lays out the different sections to be filled in with your goals and plans for working with families.

Tool #7C: Guide to Quality – Title I Requirements and Quality Indicators – A guide to help assess the quality and completeness of your compact.

Tool #7D: Sample Compact – Using the template in Tool #7B, this sample is filled in with useful information and exciting learning opportunities for families.

Need Supplemental Material?

For further reading and support on this step, download Tool #7, #7A, #7B, #7C  and #7D.